Meet the Traveler

IMG_0136Born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska Kris has stood on all seven continents and visited around 50 countries. He has a love for travel, and an appreciation for the simple life with a desire to treat every day like a grand adventure. Of all the adventures, meeting Moubareka “Reka” a.k.a. “Trouble”, on a freighter in Patagonia has been the highlight. The likelihood of a British Accountant and a Nebraska Entrepreneur falling in love on an around-the-world tour is extremely small, but real. Kris and Reka, now a couples and family counselor, are still adventuring.

Kris is a serial entrepreneur who started his first company almost 30 years ago at age 19 in Omaha, Nebraska. He has since been directly involved with the creation, operation, growth, and occasional sale of more than 20 successful businesses, and has advised on countless others. He has lectured on entrepreneurship at Creighton University, Colorado University Boulder, and the University of Wyoming. Kris was a Board Member of Creighton’s HALO Institute for Entrepreneurship and is a current member of the Nebraska Diplomats. He has a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Wyoming.

As one of his latest adventures, Kris has founded Entrepreneurial Advisors (EA). EA is focused on helping management teams and individuals to see and obtain their maximum potential in both their businesses and their lives. In an effort to better his own companies, Kris began to implement the Entrepreneur Operating System (EOS) as outlined in the book “Traction.” This process drove Kris to study the EOS system resulting in his current need to help others implement these tools and realize their potential.